How Can You Help Enforce Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act?

Smoke-free laws are designed to protect people from secondhand smoke in public places and at work. You can help make sure that these regulations work as they are intended.

1) Know the Extent of the Law

Familiarize yourself with the extent of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act before taking any action. Restaurants, bars, most workplaces, and most other public establishments covered by the law are responsible for complying with the law. For more information about the law, visit

2) Report Violations

When you report a violation, you are performing a public service for yourself, the workers, and others who are involuntarily exposed to secondhand smoke. After all, 83% of all adults in Colorado do not smoke. As defined by the law, violators are subject to a $200 fine for the first violation, a $300 fine for the second violation and a $500 fine for every violation each day thereafter within a calendar year.

3) File a Complaint and Keep Records

A violation can be reported by calling the non-emergency telephone number of the local law enforcement agency. A statewide list can be found at If noncompliance with the law continues after you filed your complaint, or if the enforcement agency will not investigate it, you should consider the following options:

Need to Remain Anonymous?

For many reasons, you may wish to keep your name anonymous when filing a complaint. If this is the case, your local health department may be able to assist you. They can help by verifying the violation and then reporting it to the appropriate enforcement agency. Please note that it may be more difficult for law enforcement to issue a ticket if a complaint is filed anonymously, as they will have to witness the smoking violation themselves before issuing a ticket.

A Public Service of the Group to Alleviate smoking Pollution (GASP of Colorado)