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Topic: Marijuana Secondhand Smoke


Arguments Against Marijuana Smoking or Vaping in Public Places (PDF)

BreatheFree to Keep Our Public Places Smoke-Free (External Link)

BreatheFree Video (External Link)

Facts About Electronic Smoking Devices (External Link)

Facts About Secondhand Marijuana Smoke and GASP Position (PDF)

GASP Facebook Page on Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (External Link)

GASP Radio Spot on Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (MP3)

GASP Smoke is Smoke Print Media Campaign (PDF)

GASP TV Spot on Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (External Link)

Hazardous Chemicals in Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (PDF)

Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado (External Link)

Is Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Affecting You? (External Link)

Local Laws That Prohibit Marijuana Smoking or Vaping (PDF)

Marijuana Alternatives to Smoking or Vaping (PDF)

Marijuana Hospitality Establishments Law in Colorado (PDF)

Marijuana Smoke Emits More Particulate Than Tobacco Smoke (External Link)

Marijuana Smoke Exposure Hospitalized Children (External Link)

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Facts (ANR) (External Link)

Ventilation Does Not Contain Marijuana Smoke (ASHRAE) (PDF)

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