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Topic: Tobacco Industry & Front Groups


Accommodation/Pre-emption Program (2000) (HTML)

Big Tobacco and Colorado (2004 Report) (PDF)

Big Tobacco Spies on Colorado (2000) (HTML)

Does smoking cause forest fires (spoof) (PDF)

How Big Tobacco Has Worked to Control Tobacco Prevention Media Campaigns (HTML)

How R.J. Reynolds Mobilized Legislative Opposition (1987) (HTML)

Industry Attitudes Toward Nonsmokers' Rights Activists (2000) (HTML)

Local Tobacco Industry Tactics - Internal Documents (1992) (HTML)

National Smoker's Alliance & Big Tobacco (1998) (HTML)

Philip Morris Media Plan For Colorado (1995) (HTML)

RJR's Efforts to Create a Nationwide Grassroots Network & Mobilize Smokers (2000) (HTML)

RJR's Field Force Included a Former Aide to Governor Romer (2000) (HTML)

RJR, Mike Stratton, and Efforts to Recruit Smokers (2000) (HTML)

Tactics of a Local Tobacco Lobbyist (2000) (HTML)

Tobacco Lobbyist Reveals Attacking Tactic (1995) (HTML)

Tobacco Lobbyist Victor Crawford Reveals His Tactics (1995) (Word/Text)

Were Election Expenses Withheld in Boulder? (1999) (HTML)

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