La Plata County 2004


GASP of Colorado (Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution)

Ordinance Grade: 2


Some local laws have provisions that are stronger than the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act and provide better protection from exposure to secondhand smoke at work and in public places. GASP of Colorado rates local laws compared to the state law on a scale of zero to five.  The highest and best rating is a five (click here for an explanation of our rating system).  Any stronger provisions in the state law take precedence over any weaker local provisions so the state law should be reviewed first through these links: or


This local law provides more protection from secondhand smoke than the state law in the following area(s):


Work Places: (yes) County-owned buildings only.

Employee Retaliation Prohibited: (none)

Restaurants and Bars: (none)

Building Entrances and Perimeters: (yes) County-owned buildings only.

Outdoor Places: (none)

2004 Smoking Policy

Smoking in County Buildings and Vehicles

Smoking is not permitted in any County building in accordance with 25-14-103, CRS. This includes La Plata County courthouse, Vehicle License Offices, Road and Bridge Garages, Warehouse, Sheriff's Office, Airport and all Fairground buildings. La Plata Counts also prohibits smoking in County vehicles. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas or outside County facilities.


DATE: January 12, 2004

TO: Elected Officials/Department Heads/Combined Courts/Probation

RE: Courthouse Smoking Room and Smoking Near County Budding Entrances

Since 1992 the courthouse has had a designated room in the basement that smokers could use in particular during inclement weather. Due to the critical need for workspace, the room will be closed to smoking and turned over to the Department of Human Services for use in fulfilling its responsibilities. Accordingly, smokers will not be able to use the room effective January 1, 2004.

On a related matter, Courthouse employees, customers and visitors have complained for a number of years about Courthouse employees and visitors smoking at the entrances to the courthouse and other County buildings. This practice resulted in nonsmokers breathing secondhand smoke, and the odor of smoke entering the work areas in County buildings. Accordingly, effective January 12, 2004 the Board of County Commissioners prohibits smoking on County property within 30 feet of any entrance to any County facility.

The County's Leadership Team, Personnel Committee, Courthouse Safety Committee and the Space Committee have all supported and recommended these actions to the Board of County Commissioners. Also this policy is similar to that in place at other government buildings. Although this will cause minor inconvenience to some of our employees, it will be beneficial to the vast majority of County employees and the public. Thank you for your support of this policy



Sheryl D. Ayers Vice Chair

C: Central Files/Space Committee

1060 E. 2ND AVE. o DURANGO, CO 81301