Leave A Legacy to GASP of Colorado

Consider this...

   Only 30 percent of Americans die with a will.

   Only 6 percent of Americans include charitable bequests in their will.

   It can be simple to create a will and to leave a legacy by contributing to an organization that means a great deal to you.

   Enormous personal satisfaction results from leaving a legacy.

   There may be tax advantages for doing so.

   A gift to charity does not have to be large to make a difference.


Colorado is a great place to live. Many people volunteer regularly and give financially to the non-profit groups of their choice. By also leaving a legacy to GASP of Colorado through a gift in your will, you can continue to help make an important difference in assuring smoke-free environments in Colorado.


"Leave a Legacy" is a volunteer initiative of the Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable to promote interest in charitable giving through your estate plans. Leave a Legacy works hand in hand with non-profit groups including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals, educational institutions and other philanthropic groups.


Create a will

The truth is, all of us leave our assets behind, but 70 percent of Americans do so without knowing to whom. If you die without a will, the state decides who receives how much of what you leave behind -- you forfeit the right to decide who will raise your children and how to distribute your property.  Creating a will is an excellent way to ensure that you are able to make your most important decisions...decisions that will impact the people, places and things you care about most.


How do I draw up a will?

Creating a will does not need to be complicated or expensive. We suggest, however, that you ask an attorney to help you.  Must I have an "estate" to create a will? "Estate" is simply a word used to describe any property, money or belongings that you have at the time of death. Most people leave an estate when they die, whether or not they feel they have great wealth.


Consider a gift to GASP of Colorado

Leaving a gift to GASP is a decision that is entirely yours to make. You can set aside a certain dollar amount in your will or leave a percentage of your estate or any assets left over after your family has been provided for.  You can give something you own, such as a car or their home, or leave a paid-up life insurance policy. It is important that you provide the correct legal for GASP of Colorado, as well as our federal tax identification number, to make sure GASP receives your gift.


Leave a legacy

Without a will, your property and finances are settled according to state laws, whether or not they coincide with your or your familys wishes. With a will, you can make a lasting difference in the lives that follow.


Q: If I wish to leave a gift to GASP of Colorado, do I need to express that in my will?

A: To be certain that GASP receives the gift, you need to state your intention in your will.


Q: Do I need to tell GASP that I have left the gift in my will?

This is up to you. GASP would like to know in advance and recognize your generosity, plan for the future and make the most of your gift.  We may be able to suggest specific project needs.


A: How do I leave GASP a gift in memory of a person or for a specific purpose?

This kind of memorial gift can be arranged in your will. A gift like this is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has made a difference in your life, or honor a specific cause or project.


Some additional information

Before consulting an attorney, you may want to:

   list all your property and debts

   list family members and friends you wish to remember in your will

   consider a bequest to GASP of Colorado

   plan the size of the bequest

   name a personal representative to administer your estate

   name a guardian for your children


If you already have a will and any of the following has occurred, you should review your will and possibly consult an attorney to revise it:

   you have moved to another state

   your financial, marital or parental status has changed

   your children have grown up

   the tax laws have changed

   a person in your will has died

   you have decided to add other charities to your will 


For further information for you will contact

GASP of Colorado (Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution)

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The Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP of Colorado) is a statewide nonprofit 501-C-3 organization working to eliminate secondhand smoke from the air we breathe by advocating for smoke-free policies at work, in public places, and in multiunit housing. GASP works to educate businesses about the positive economic benefits of smoke-free policies, and provides resources that lead to smoke-free policies.