Tobacco Education Center

What Can You Do About Smoking Pollution?

BE ASSERTIVE: In a warm, positive way let family, friends, and co-workers know you mind if they smoke near you.

BE OBVIOUS: Words are not the only way to convey messages. Wear buttons. Put stickers and signs in your home, car, or office.

KEEP INFORMED: Know the no-smoking regulations in your community. Restrictions on smoking currently exist in many local communities in Colorado. Smoking is prohibited in most public places and workplaces by Colorado law. For more information about the state law, visit For information about local laws, visit

HELP UPHOLD THE LAW: Speak up when anyone violates no-smoking regulations and file a complaint with the appropriate enforcement agency. Enforcement often depends on friendly reminders from assertive nonsmokers.

SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE: Let your elected officials know how much you appreciate the current Colorado Clean Indoor Act. Write letters to the editors.

BE FIRM, BUT POLITE: Use courteous appeals for cooperation. Put-downs are counterproductive. What you say may be less important than how you say it.

AT HOME: You can ask people not to smoke in your home. Put a sign on your door. GASP has free signs that say “Welcome, Smoke-Free Home.” Be sure to write "No Smoking Please" on all your invitations to parties, dinners and meetings at your home.

USE BODY LANGUAGE: Classic gestures such as waving away smoke are distress signals recognized by all smokers. Grimaces and defensive postures can also make a point.

IN TRANSIT: Colorado state law prohibits smoking on transportation vehicles open to the public. U.S. Airlines prohibit smoking on all flights.

IN SCHOOLS: Colorado state law prohibits smoking in and on all school grounds.

SUPPORT LEGISLATION: Inform your representatives, congressmen, state legislators, city council members, mayors, and city managers about your desire for more smoke-free areas in public places. Request their positions on the issue in writing.

SUPPORT GASP: GASP of Colorado is a nonprofit organization whose primary focus work to inure everyone’s right to breath clean smoke-free air. GASP is supported by your tax-deductible contribution.