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Your donation to cover postage and printing costs of these materials is appreciated. A $5 minimum donation is required for out of state orders.

Smoke-Free Decal - Clear - Nice positive sign for windows or clear surfaces measuring five inches. Order limit is 10.

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Smoke-Free Decal - Solid - Nice positive sign for doors or solid surfaces measuring five inches (pictured above). Order limit is 10.

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MySmokeFreeHousing Magnet - Beautiful 2 x 3 magnet to promote the resources for housing providers and residents at Please limit orders to 10.

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You Have A Right to Breathe Smoke-Free Air - This brochure describes the goals of the Colorado Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP), facts about secondhand smoke from tobacco smoke and electronic cigarettes, and provides a form to join or make a donation to support our mission.

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Colorado Guide to Establishing No-Smoking Policies in Multiunit Housing - Handy booklet for housing managers and residents on the benefits of smoke-free housing policies, implementation techniques, and resources. Order here or click on the image to download it.

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