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Topic: Electronic Cigarette & Cigar Smoke


2016 Surgeon General Reports Youth and Young Adult E-Cigarette Use (External Link)

Cigars FAQ - Nat. Cancer Institute (2000) (HTML)

E-Cigarette Health Advisory (2015) (PDF)

Electronic Smoking Devices and Smokefree Laws (External Link)

Exploding electronic smoking device kills a Florida man (External Link)

Facts About Electronic Smoking Device Emissions (ANR) (PDF)

Facts About Secondhand Cigar Smoke (PDF)

Hazardous Chemicals in Electronic Cigarettes (PDF)

Lead and Other Toxic Metals Found in E-Cigarette Vapors (External Link)

More evidence that e-cigs cause substantial air pollution (HTML)

Policy Guide for E-Cigarettes (External Link)

Protect Your Family From E-Cigarettes (PDF)

Tobacco, Vaping and Marijuana: A Guide for Parents (External Link)

Vape Shop E-Cigarette Chemicals Transfer to Nearby Business (PDF)

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