Legislative Guide

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Tips on Contacting Your Elected Officials

Be courteous and polite. Write in a simple, natural, pleasing style.

Don't be abusive, threaten, or write anonymous communications — this approach is ignored and hurts the cause.

Call your representative at the Capitol or at work. If you cannot reach them there, try their home numbers at reasonable times. You can also send them an e-mail or arrange a personal visit at the Capitol.

Communications should be brief and to the point. Provide your name, address, phone, and e-mail. Be sure to mention the name and number of the bill. Keep a copy for your records.

Focus on the reasons why you are concerned about the legislation. Use a separate paragraph for each reason.

Use personal experiences because they are the most persuasive component for letters and calls.

Show that you are well informed and research the issue.

Concentrate on the health issue and don't moralize.

Request a reply, and ask your representative how they plan to vote.

Follow through. Write or call again if you do not get a reply. Send a copy of your last communication and ask them why they have not responded.

When you receive a reply, thank them and follow up with a response saying why you disagree or agree with the response.

Inform your neighbors and coworkers about the legislation, forward action alerts, and urge them to contact their representatives.

Write a letter to the editor about the legislation to local newspapers, websites, and blogs.