Restaurant and Bar Owner Testimonials

Smoke-free policies make good health sense,
good legal sense, and good economic sense.


  1. Baja Fresh, Denver: Smoke-Free Policies Don’t Hurt Business
  2. Benvenuto's, Aurora: Policy Has Resulted in a 10% Increase in Business
  3. Casablanca Moroccan, Denver: Wise Decision
  4. Chuck's Donut Shop, Denver: Gained New Customers Going Smoke-Free
  5. Cinema Grill, Aurora: Policy an Asset to our Business
  6. Corporate Deli & Grill, Denver: The Business Community Prefers a Smoke-Free Policy
  7. Cortez Truck Stop Owner/Legislator: My Economic Fears Never Materialized
  8. Egg-Ception Eatery, Aurora: Happy With Decision
  9. For 79 Taco Bell's it Has Been a Positive Experience
  10. Jazz at Jacks, Denver: The Policy Has Not Hurt Our Night Club
  11. Kevin Taylor, Denver: Smoke-Free Policies are an Asset for Fine Dining
  12. La Fogata Restaurant & Bar: Business Has now Bloomed by 60%
  13. Le Peep Grill, Denver: Customers Come Here Because of our Smoke-Free Policy
  14. Mama Josefina's, Denver: We Gained More Nonsmoking Cutomers
  15. Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs: Once the Smokiest Place in Town, We Haven't Regretted Changing to C
  16. Penn Street Perk, Denver: Even Out of Town Customers Like Our Policy
  17. Pierre's on Madison, Denver: Our Policy Has Not Hurt Our Business
  18. Pressto, Denver & Boulder: Our Business Has Prospered
  19. Red Robin, Colorado Springs: Even the Smokers Came Back
  20. Sandwich Board, Trangen Inc,.Denver: Policy Good For Bottom Line
  21. Sonoda's, Denver: Going smoke-Free is a Business Asset
  22. Ted's Montana Grill, Denver: Policy is an Asset & We are Thriving
  23. The Old Spaghetti Factory, Denver: These Policies are a Trend and Haven't Hurt our Business
  24. Tokyo San Japanese Bowl & Sushi, Denver & Aspen: Smoke-free is Smart Business
  25. Tokyoya Bowl & Bowl, Aurora: Going Smoke-Free Has Been Good for Business
  26. Vern's, La Porte: Business Has Increased 10%
  27. Village Cork Bar & Restaurant, Denver: Our Policy Benefits Our Business
  28. Wedge Pizza, Denver: Policy Hasn't Hurt my Business, nor Places in California
  29. Wendy's, Aurora: Policy Causes No Economic Hardship
  30. West City Perk Coffee Shop, Denver: It's Worked for Us, and for New York City

Elected Officials & Policy Makers

  1. Boulder Mayor Will Toor: Policy Good For Business and Communities Health
  2. Chuck Sisk, Mayor of Louisville: The Law is Working Very Well
  3. Commissioner/Representative Linstrom About Lessons Learned in Summit County
  4. Tom Eldridge, Boulder City Councilmember/Restaurateur: Customers Love It

Environment & Other Reasons

  1. Banzai, Denver: We Found That the Food Absorbs Tobacco Smoke
  2. New York Deli & Mendelson’s Deli, Denver: Allowing Smoking is Offensive
  3. Brocaza, Denver: Environment an Asset to Business
  4. Cafe Paprika, Aurora: Smoking Only Destroys Dining Atmosphere
  5. Capri Coffee Break, Denver: Cleaner and Healthier Environment
  6. Colfax Center Deli, Denver: Customers Should Smell the Food, Not the Smoke
  7. Erawan Cafe, Denver: Safer, Cleaner, and Healthier Environment
  8. Fratelli Ristorante Italiano, Colorado Springs: Policy Good for Ambience
  9. Ichabods, Denver: It's Impossible to Segregate Tobacco Smoke
  10. Jake & Telly's Greek Cuisine, Colorado Springs: Policy Improves Aroma of Food
  11. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Aurora: Makes For Faster Customer Turn-Around
  12. Kim Ba, Aurora: Impossible to Segregate Tobacco Smoke
  13. La Taza Cafe & Market, Denver: Our Place Semlls Better
  14. Manny's Underground, Denver: I Get More Compliments Than Complaints
  15. Playa De Oro, Denver: No Problem With Smokers, They Step Outside
  16. Randy's Coffeeshop, Denver: Nice to be Able to Breath in Workplace
  17. Schlotzsky's Deli, Aurora: Reduces Operating Costs
  18. Soda Rock Cafe, Denver: Right Policy for Family Atmosphere
  19. Star of India, Aurora: Tobacco Smoke Destroys the Dining Pleasure
  20. Subway Sandwiches, Aurora: Policy Means Less Damage to the Facility
  21. Sushi Heights, Denver: Allowing Smoking is a Fire Hazard
  22. Susy Q, Denver: Food Smells Better and Doesn't Absorb Smoke
  23. Taqueria Mexicana, Denver: Cleaner & Fresher Restaurant
  24. Taqueria Mexicana, Denver: For a Cleaner and Fresher Environment
  25. The Sandwich Shop, Denver: People Come Here Due to Our Policy
  26. Welton Street Cafe, Denver: Good to Enjoy a Meal Without the Smoke


  1. An's Lemongrass Grille, Denver: Better For the Workers
  2. Bump & Grind Cafe, Denver: People Get Sick From Secondhand smoke
  3. Café Metro, Denver: Policy Benefits the Workers
  4. Cheesy George's, Aurora: Policy Protects the Customers
  5. Frank-N-Steins, Aurora: Employees Have the Right to Work in a Healthy Atmosphere
  6. Gobi Mongolian Barbecue, Denver: For Over 20 Years Policy Protects Workers & Families
  7. Joyrides Family Fun Center & Café, Colorado Springs: Important for Health & Safety
  8. Juan's, Denver: Policy Protects Staff
  9. La Noria Carniceria: Policy Protects our Employees, Customers, and Children
  10. La Praviana Restaurant and Catering, Denver: Policy Protects Our Families
  11. Long John Silver's, Denver: Makes for A Better Workplace
  12. Lopez' Southwestern Incredible Edibles, Denver: Right to Breath Clean Air Comes First
  13. Matiana's Greek Café, Denver: It's About Health
  14. McDonald's, Monument: Provides Safe Environment
  15. Pagliacci's, Denver: After 57 Years, I Changed the Policy Because Smoking Made Me Sick
  16. Panaderia Guadalajara, Denver: Smoke is a Problem for my Son and Me
  17. Red Dragon, Denver: It's a Matter of Health, Not Choice
  18. Restaurant Japon, Denver: It's All ABout Health
  19. The Market at Larimer Square, Denver: I did it Because the smoke was Affecting my Health
  20. Tom's Home Cookin', Denver: Secondhand Smoke can be Deadly
  21. Walnut Cafe, Denver: There are Health Benefits
  22. Wired Coffee Shop & Art Gallery, Denver: Policy a Plus to Our Health

Positive Benefits

  1. Arada Ethiopian, Denver: No More Rug Burns, Cleaner Ceilings
  2. Champa Deli, Denver: Right Thing to Do
  3. Conchita's, Grand Junction: Policy Beneficial to Business and Employees
  4. Crystal Cafe & Bake Shop, Grand Junction: People Come Here Due to Policy
  5. Full Measures Bakery, Denver: There are Many Benefits to Being Smoke-Free
  6. Golden Village, Denver: Saves on Business Costs
  7. Hot Cakes Breakfast & Lunch, Denver: Policy protects Children, Makes Place Cleaner
  8. Isle of Singapore, Denver: Our Customers are Happier
  9. Jamaica Juice, Denver: There are Many Positive Benefits
  10. Kentucky Fried Chicken Area Consultant, Denver: Customers Appreciate Policy
  11. La Fogata's, Denver: Customers Love the Policy
  12. Lois' Place, Grand Junction: Positive Comments Heard daily
  13. M & D's Cafe, Denver: Our Policy Has Many Benefits
  14. M & D's Cafe, Denver: Policy makes for A Better Environment
  15. Marigold Café & Bakery, Colorado Springs: Continue to Get Positive Comments
  16. MexiDans, Denver: Faster Table Turnover
  17. Monza Pizzeria, Denver : Cleaner, Safer, Healthier
  18. Mustard's Last Stand, Denver& Boulder: Less Hassles Among Customers
  19. New China Cafe, Denver: We Love Our Smoke-Free Environment
  20. Pita Jungle, Denver: College Students Appreciate Our Policy
  21. Pizzeria Colore, Denver: Safer Environment for All
  22. Schlotzsky's, Denver: We Save on Insurance Because of our Policy
  23. Senor Burritos, Denver: The Customers and Employees Appreciate our Policy
  24. Swing Thai, Denver: Our Policy Saves on Ventilation Costs
  25. Vice-President of Marketing, Red Robin: Policy Delivers Best Experience for Customers and Staff
  26. Zhong Express, Denver: Happier Staff

The Customers

  1. Carol Collman, Denver: Smoking Swells Eyes and Lungs Get Congested
  2. Pat Craig, Golden: We Limit How Often We Eat Out Due to Smoke