Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Bump & Grind Cafe, Denver: People Get Sick From Secondhand smoke

Iíve always been health-oriented and conducted my lifestyle accordingly. I have lost relatives to lung cancer due to smoking, including my stepmother. Both contribute to my desire for a smoke-free environment.

Bump & Grind Cafe opened six years ago. Iíve never allowed smoking inside, and there have been no business problems because of it. People can smoke outside if they choose to damage themselves that way.

Being smoke-fee is good for my business:

** No one likes to become ill from other-peopleís smoke ó me, my employees and my customers.

** Customers continue to come back when they donít get sick from secondhand smoke.

** Smoking makes people look less attractive, making our cafť look less attractive.

Letís push a restaurant and bar ordinance through for the good of the public.

Cliff Trubowitz, Owner

Bump & Grind Cafe, Denver

439 East 17th Ave, 80203, (303)861-4841