Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Erawan Cafe, Denver: Safer, Cleaner, and Healthier Environment

Please adopt a smoke-free restaurant ordinance.

Erawan Cafe is a Thai restaurant that opened 25 years ago, allowing smoking. But, three years later, my customers indicated they did not want smoking by word and action. So to start the process, and be polite, I took away the ashtrays. Soon, everyone figured that we did not allow smoking. Now I am listed in the GASP Smoke-Free Dining Guide in print and online.

We may lose a few customers who want to smoke, but we gain many more who like our food and clean, fresh atmosphere. Most smoking customers just step out of the restaurant no problem.

We are convinced that our smoke-free environment is an asset to the business, because:

- We want to sell healthy, good food, and have our customers enjoy the smells and tastes keeping them healthier.

- We have much cleaner air, walls, ceilings, furniture and floors there is no cigarette trash or burns.

- I, and my family members who work here, are much safer from the risks of secondhand smoke.

Art Suthithanin, Owner

Erawan Cafe, Denver

3919 East 8th Ave, 80206, (303) 388-3226