Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Café Metro, Denver: Policy Benefits the Workers

Café Metro is a specialized Coffehouse, based on our extensive research into the best methods to make delicious coffees. As a person who is allergic to tobacco smoke, I did not want to inflict smoke on my baristas. So we are completely smoke-free inside our large sit-down area.

Our smoke-free environment has many other business benefits:

• Our 450 square feet of windows would have very demanding cleaning requirements in a smoky environment.

• As in Helena Montana’s reduced heart attack rate due to their new smoke-free policy, our standard is much healthier.

• Clean up is a breeze compared to the work we have on our patio where we allow smoking.

It is important to me to see a smoke-free bar and restaurant ordinance passed for the good of the City, workers and customers – especially children.

Mark Gwaltney, General Manager/Owner

Café Metro, Denver

277 Broadway, 80203, (303)733-5865