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Hot Cakes Breakfast & Lunch, Denver: Policy protects Children, Makes Place Cleaner

Hot Cakes Breakfast & Lunch is an American restaurant, which opened eight years ago. We stopped allowing smoking in the restaurant six years ago, and there have been no problems with either customers or business, however we did go smoke-free in a much stronger economy.

We are convinced that our smoke-free environment is an asset to the business, because:

Our restaurant caters to families, and we want to see children protected from smoke.

We receive strong positive feedback from nearly everyone who visits our establishment.

Our smoke-free environment adds to the perceived cleanliness of our restaurant.

We would support a City Council decision to implement an ordinance that would allow smoking in only those service establishments who have a restriction on their customers being 18 years of age or older. This would protect children who do not have the capacity to make educated decisions about their health and the influences that affect their health. It would also allow adults the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be around smoke.

Thomas J Schumacker, Owner

Hot Cakes Breakfast & Lunch, Denver

1400 East 18th, 80218, (303) 832-4351