Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Ichabods, Denver: It's Impossible to Segregate Tobacco Smoke

Eleven years ago, Ichabods opened as a smoke-free Bookstore and Coffeehouse for many reasons:

* Our vintage furniture is safe from burns.

* Customers appreciate the clean, fresh environment and linger longer.

* We have a children’s section next to the coffee area, so it is doubly important to be smoke free.

* Books collect smoke easily – at times, we have been overwhelmed by the smell of smoke from books that some people try to sell us – in some cases, we have rejected the books.

* The fire danger is reduced.

* Smoke is impossible to limit to a smoking area – it will always migrate into the ‘non-smoking’ section.

* Cleanup is much easier without cigarette butts as well as dirty walls and windows.

We encourage the Denver to adopt a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Kathleen Gomendi, Owner

Ichabods, Denver

2 South Broadway, 80209, (303) 778-7579