Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Isle of Singapore, Denver: Our Customers are Happier

As a smoke-free restaurant, our environment is much better for eating and relaxing, and it is cleaner and fresher.

Isle of Singapore is an Asian restaurant. We opened eight years ago and have never permitted smoking for good reasons:

1. A smoky bar or restaurant bothers me terribly and hurts my family, including my wife who works here as well.

2. Our customers are happier and can taste and smell of the food better.

3. Smokers have the option of going out side to smoke and have not complained or stayed away from my restaurant.

I went to another restaurant where they put me right next to the smoking section, so I pointed out to them that I was essentially in the smoking section.

Letís do our best to pass the smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

David Yea, Owner

Isle of Singapore, Denver

2022 South University, 80210, (303)777-8388