Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

La Fogata Restaurant & Bar: Business Has now Bloomed by 60%

We have experienced a 60% increase in business as a result of becoming smokeless.

La Fogata Restaurant & Bar opened twelve years ago, allowing smoking in the bar and back portion of the restaurant. Although the bar business was good, we found that the smoking section was relatively empty, and required smoke eaters and more cleaning. So last year, we stopped smoking in the bar and throughout the restaurant. The bar customers did not leave, they just smoke outside, and the business boomed.

I am so pleased with the results and the advantages:

-- My four children, husband, all my employees, and of course my customers, are now protected from the obvious and well-researched health hazards of second-hand smoke.

-- Clean up of floors, walls, ceilings and windows has been reduced 15%.

-- People smell the food, not stale smoke, and order more.

-- Maintenance on our smoke eaters is not necessary.

Therefore, we request a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance, for all the families in Denver.

Thank you allowing me to share our experience with going smoke-free.

Danette Madera, Owner

La Fogata Restaurant & Bar, Denver

5670 East Evans Ave, 80222, (303)753-9458