Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

La Praviana Restaurant and Catering, Denver: Policy Protects Our Families

My wife and I look forward to a smoke-free restaurant ordinance to protect my family and all the other families coming to Denver restaurants.

We own a Latin American restaurant and catering service. When we purchased the restaurant five years ago, my wife and I decided to keep it smoke-free. Most of the customers are regulars and appreciate the smoke-free eating area.

Since it is a small place, we realized that any smoke in the restaurant would carry into the rest of the building, so everyone would be smoking. We want to protect the children and families.

We also know that the maintenance would be much more work if we had smoking: smoke stains everywhere, burnt tablecloths, and cigarette ashes and trash.

I also store my catering supplies next to the restaurant tables, so I want them to stay fresh and clean.

Hector Gil, Owner

La Praviana Restaurant and Catering, Denver

2231 South Broadway, 80210, (303)722-0129