Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Lopez' Southwestern Incredible Edibles, Denver: Right to Breath Clean Air Comes First

We would like the City to adopt a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Lopez' Southwestern Incredible Edibles opened twelve years ago as a smoke-free restaurant. We do not like the smell, taste or effects of smoke. Our son suffers from tobacco use, so he has to take medications, which have strong side effects. Two of our older family members suffer from emphysema so any secondhand smoke is terribly harmful.

A separate smoking section does not stop smoke from migrating into the non-smoking section, and most of our customers avidly state that they want smoke-free air. Our right to clean air outweighs a smoker’s right to smoke.

Though our decision was to protect our customers, family and all the children who come here, we have found some other very important reasons to be smoke free:

• Separate sections, especially in a small place, are difficult to manage, leaving unused tables and therefore income.

• Cleaning up after smokers is expensive – cigarette butts, ashes, walls, ceilings and windows, as well as our hair and clothes polluted by a smoky environment.

• We expect our fire insurance rates to come down.

• Our health costs are less because we don’t get sick as often.

Catherine and Eugene Lopez, Owners

Lopez' Southwestern Incredible Edibles, Denver

2200 West Alameda #18, 80223, 303-934-5589