Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Mama Josefina's, Denver: We Gained More Nonsmoking Cutomers

Letís adopt a smoke-free restaurant ordinance.

Sixteen years ago, my wife and I opened Mama Josefina's allowing smoking for about a year and a half. Our customers convinced us to go smoke free Ė the insisted on it. For every customer we lost who wanted to smoke, we gained many more.

Now my wife, son, daughter and I, families with children, and all our customers, are safe from the obvious hazards of second-hand smoke. Some of my friends in the business with smoky places seem to get sick more often.

It has been good for business. As you have seen, we have a fresh, wonderful smell to the store. This encourages people to order and eat more.

Our restaurant is easier to clean, especially since we have big windows, and white walls, tables and ceilings that stay white. Even our fire insurance is less costly now.

Jesus Garcia, Owner

Mama Josefina's, Denver

2336 East 46th Ave, 80216, (303)292-9907