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Pagliacci's, Denver: After 57 Years, I Changed the Policy Because Smoking Made Me Sick

Id like to tell our experience going smoke free.

Pagliacci's Italian Restaurant opened 57 years ago. We finally became smoke-free in the dining room in 1988, and smoke-free in our bar late last year.

I had to do this, since I was getting sick much too often sinusitis mainly. One of the other four members of my family suffered as well. Now I can work in and enjoy my restaurant without fear of illness for any of us from second-hand smoke.

We have had about as many complaints as we have of deep appreciation for being smoke-free. Our bar business is down a bit, but this has been made up by more food business, especially in the bar area, where many people would not sit.

I have found some other wonderful benefits too:

The place is much fresher. We are proud of our food, and want people to smell and taste the food as much as possible, not have it masked by smoke and stale cigarette smells.

The conflicts in seating have been eliminated.

Clean up is much easier: no cigarette trash, dirty ashtrays, cigarette butts, dirty walls and windows, and less painting. We havent had to paint the dining room for four years!

Our non-smoking policy extends to our employees too no smoking on the job. No one has quit smoking, but no one has quit the job either.

Please adopt a smoke-free ordinance for the safety, health and business benefit of all Denver restaurants.

Rose Langston, Owner

Pagliacci's Italian Restaurant, Denver 1440 West 33rd Ave, 80211, (303)458-0530

Originally sent to: Councilmember Ortega

Hardcopy routed to all Councilmembers