Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Playa De Oro, Denver: No Problem With Smokers, They Step Outside

We opened Playa De Oro, a Mexican family restaurant, four years ago without a smoking section because: smoke knows no boundaries – air, health and children’s lungs. We’ve had a couple of requests for smoking inside, but have never wavered – smokers just step outside.

We find our policy is good for business:

-- Our customers comment on how fresh and clean our place is.

-- When I come home from a bingo hall, where I serve my food, my children notice the smell from my hair and clothes, so I wash everything immediately to protect them.

-- I’m going to ask for reduced fire insurance rates.

-- Of course, the health of all workers and customers here, especially the children, is protected from the known risks of second-hand smoke.

The City Council should adopt a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Maria N. Spreytels, Owner/Manager

Playa De Oro, Denver

3555 West 38th Ave, 80211, (303)433-5777