Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Red Dragon, Denver: It's a Matter of Health, Not Choice

Some restaurant owners will complain that customers can simply choose where they eat or drink – smoking, non-smoking section or all smoke-free. However, the children of people in smoking or even non-smoking sections have not been given a choice, so the City needs to protect them from the obvious dangers of second-hand smoke.

Before buying the Red Dragon eight years ago, I worked in a smoky restaurant. My hair and clothes all smelled of smoke – it was very bad for me.

We waited a long two years before making our restaurant smoke free, worrying about lost customers. However, we noticed that smoking customers elsewhere smoked outside smoke-free restaurants, and our customers were mostly students and families.

Also, I was pregnant with my second child, so I did not want to breathe other people’s smoke all day – it was the same as smoking!

When we banned smoking, our customers adapted very quickly with no loss of business.

Our policy is also a very good business policy because: .

1) The air is clear, clean and fresh – the smoke does not hide the tasty aromas of our Asian food.

2) I and all the wait staff feel much better.

3) The children are safe from the ravages of smoke.

4) Cleaning walls, tables, windows and furniture is much easier.

Let’s adopt a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance – we must protect our children and workers.

Su-Chi Chang, Co-Owner

Red Dragon, Denver

2021 South University Blvd, 80210, (303)722-8888