Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Wedge Pizza, Denver: Policy Hasn't Hurt my Business, nor Places in California

Wedge Pizza is a fun pizza restaurant in a thriving part of Denver, with wonderful aromas and great service. I have never owned a restaurant that permitted smoking.

We opened 18 months ago smoke-free and have not had any problems with business because we are smoke free. The decision was not hard to make ó dining and smoke do not go together. Smoking outside after dining is our suggestion and facilitated by our outdoor patio.

Other benefits of smoke-free restaurant ownership are that cleanup is easier, workers are healthier, and the smoke doesnít mask the great aromas.

Iíve been in California where both bars and restaurants went smoke-free Ė my experience was that businesses were not effected by the imposition of nonsmoking.

It would be excellent for the City Council to adopt a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Steve Barbour, Owner

Wedge Pizza, Denver

1 Broadway #B108, 80203, (303)282-9334