Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

The Market at Larimer Square, Denver: I did it Because the smoke was Affecting my Health

Iíve owned the Market at Larimer Square for the past 20 years. I serve no liquor - only coffee, drinks and food.

The change from smoking to non-smoking five years ago was the hardest decision I made in my business. In my experience, it effected me negatively for 90 days, then my business came back up to near the same numbers they had been before I went non-smoking.

My only concern is for those businesses who border another city that is not going non-smoking. The restaurant business is hard enough already without upsetting customers.

I made this decision on my own as the owner, so I will live with the consequences, good or bad in the future.

One of the main reasons I went non smoking is for my health and my employees. I spend 60 hours per week at my business, and the smoke was just getting to me.

Mark Greenberg, Owner

The Market, Denver

1445 Larimer Street, 80202, (303)534-5140