Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Walnut Cafe, Denver: There are Health Benefits

Walnut Cafe is a breakfast and lunch restaurant, which does not permit smoking inside the restaurant. We opened 19 years ago, converted to non-smoking 12 years ago, and business seemed to improve.

We have seen some important benefits of being smoke free. First, the restaurant maintains its cleanliness longer. Also, there is minimal tablecloth and furniture damage, as well as wall discoloration.

Not addressing a known health risk is akin to condoning it.

There are definite health benefits. Our ventilation system pulls air into the kitchen, so any smoke would flow through the kitchen, effecting the cooks.

Our staff and customers are protected from second-had smoke.

There are enough health challenges working in a big City from air pollution etc. So I believe it is important to minimize exposure to health risks in the working environment.

We would like to see a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Chris Kasvin, Managing Partner

Chris Kasvin, Owner, Walnut Cafe, Denver

338 East Colfax, 80203, (303)832-5108