Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Tokyo San Japanese Bowl & Sushi, Denver & Aspen: Smoke-free is Smart Business

Letís create and pass a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance, for all Denverís citizens.

We opened Tokyo San Japanese Bowl & Sushi six years ago, not allowing smoke around our healthy food and atmosphere. We are across from the University Hospital, and have seen that the US is becoming more health conscious every year. Most smokers understand that smoking is not accepted around food, and simply smoke outside.

In Aspen, we converted two restaurants to smoke free, where it is now the law in all restaurants and bars. We suffered no business losses, and found that smoke-free is smart business:

- Cleaning is less costly, especially with large windows and white walls.

- Fire insurance is less expensive.

- We do not have the many burns found in furniture and floors anywhere in a restaurant that allows smoking, even in a separate section.

- We know we are protecting children, students and all our workers and customers from the obvious and known health risks of secondhand smoke.

Edwin Li, Owner

Tokyo San Japanese Bowl & Sushi, Denver

727 Colorado Blvd, Suite B, 80206, (303)333-0304