Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Ted's Montana Grill, Denver: Policy is an Asset & We are Thriving

Ted's Montana Grill is an American bison restaurant with a newly upgraded full bar. We opened just five months ago, leading the way as in Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee, where most of our other restaurants operate. Our Littleton Restaurant opened last year.

We are very environmentally and health oriented, serving only free-range bison, using recycled products, and complementing both with a solid smoke-free policy. We have not received complaints or experienced a slower business. Quite the contrary, we received many compliments about our atmosphere, and are thriving.

Our smoke-free policy is an asset to any restaurant business, and we are no exception:

F Our tasty food and turn-of-the-Century Western ambience can better be relished, without a cloud of smoke that cannot be held to one section.

F Our unique environment would be spoiled by tobacco smoking and its associated trash, butts, burn holes and stale smell.

F Most of our employees do not now smoke influenced by our on-the-job non-smoking policy so we are protecting them as well as the customers from direct or indirect second-hand smoke.

We would like the City to adopt a smoke-free restaurant ordinance.

Eric Burton, Proprieter

Ted's Montana Grill, Denver

1401 Larimer, 80202, (303)893-0654