Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Senor Burritos, Denver: The Customers and Employees Appreciate our Policy

My parents opened Señor Burritos, now in two locations, thirteen years ago. We have not ever permitted smoking inside the restaurant, because my mother is allergic to cigarette smoke. There has never been a problem with customer complaints or business growth.

We enjoy our smoke-free environment:

1. Customers can savor the wonderful taste of our food, not masked by smoke.

2. Our stores stay cleaner for a longer time, and there are no cigarette butts on the floor or burn holes in the furniture.

3. It is healthier for all customers and employees.

4. The employees that did smoke weren’t allowed to smoke during their shift, keeping break time minimal and insuring fresher smelling wait staff for customers. We now have no employees who smoke at all – many chose to quit.

Thank you for considering our experience with smoke-free establishments, as the City considers a smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance.

Teresa Baylon,General Manager

Senor Burritos, Denver

12 East 1st Ave, 80203, (303)733-0747