Testimonials from Restaurant and Bar Owners

Cortez Truck Stop Owner/Legislator: My Economic Fears Never Materialized

You can imagine my angst at taking my truck stop nonsmoking. After all, many truckers smoke and they are a significant percentage of my clientele. Initially, we had a few customers walk out.  However, I cannot think of one customer that has not returned because of the policy.
I was ready to reinstate the smoking policy in a heartbeat if things didn't work out, but all of my fears were quieted in a very short time.  The no-smoking policy increased my local customer base, expanded my tourism base, and kept my truckers coming too.

Now that we are smoke-free my employee absences are reduced, my facility is easier to keep clean, and seating customers is faster and simpler.  Best of all, I have the peace of mind that a truck stop can successfully go nonsmoking and not lose sales volume.

Mark Larson, owner of the M&M Truck Stop and Family Restaurant in Cortez, Colorado and a Representative in House District 59.