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Topic: Secondhand Smoke


2006 Surgeon General's Report - Fact Sheets & Publications (HTML)

2006 Surgeon General's Report - Secondhand Smoke Is Toxic & Poisonous (PDF)

2006 Surgeon General's Report - Six Major Conclusions (PDF)

Big Tobacco Knew Dangers of Secondhand Smoke Long Ago (PDF)

Big Tobacco's Campaign Undermined Report on Secondhand Smoke (2000) (HTML)

Consequences of Secondhand Smoke Exposure 2014 (PDF)

Electronic Cigarettes and Secondhand Smoke (External Link)

Health Risk in Children and Women (2005) (HTML)

Heart Disease Risk Increases with Exposure (2005) (HTML)

Lung Cancer Risk in Workplace Exposure (2007) (PDF)

More Cancerous than Previously Thought (2007) (HTML)

Secondhand Hookah Smoke (HTML)

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (PDF)

Secondhand Smoke and Workers (2003) (HTML)

Surgeon General Report 2010- How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease (HTML)

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